What should the federal government do

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Government is Good

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What does the federal government do? Only the federal government can regulate interstate and foreign commerce, declare war and set taxing, spending and other national policies.

These actions often start with legislation from Congress, made up of the member House of Representatives and the member U.S. Senate. Aug 21,  · Five Things Government Does Better Than You Do. Monica Potts. August 21, Medicaid, the health-insurance program for the poor, would be turned into a state-run system for which the federal government would provide a fixed amount of money.

Federal government of the United States

Most of those on the other side of the issue – people who say the government does not have a responsibility to ensure health coverage – say on a subsequent question that the government should continue Medicare and Medicaid (32% of the overall public), while just 5% of the public says the government should have no role in health care.

If the federal government is to get involved, what should it do? Perhaps the first and most important thing, some workshop participants said, was to keep the issues of genetic discrimination and access to health care separate from the policy issues surrounding genetic research.

So what should an incoming federal Labor government do? Here are six steps that could be taken straight away, without legislation. Commission an inter-agency national climate risk assessment, in the manner of the National Climate Assessment in the United States, to report within six months.

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