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Joule–Thomson effect

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James Prescott Joule

HOOKE'S LAW: Hooke's lawof elasticity is an approximation that states that the extension of a spring is in direct proportion with the load added to it as long as this load does not exceed the elastic limit.

Introduction Hooke’s Law: Hooke’s Law is a law that shows the relationship between the forces applied to a spring and change in its length (extension).

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The relation is best explained by the equation: F= -k Δx F: Is force applied to the spring this can be either the strain or stress that acts upon the spring. Joule-Thomson effect, the change in temperature that accompanies expansion of a gas without production of work or transfer of heat. At ordinary temperatures and pressures, all real gases except hydrogen and helium cool upon such expansion; this phenomenon often is utilized in liquefying gases.

New York City College of Technology Ohm’s law & resistors in parallel & in series Lab 4 Class: PHY E Due date: March, 13 Group Names: Hisham Sageer Objectives: Our object is to confirm Ohm’s law by analyzing the dependence of the electrical current as a function of voltage and as a function of resistance.

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Joule soon became one of the most accurate scientists of his time. During - when he was working in his father's brewery, he tried to make a much more efficient motor. At just 20 years of age, after sending a numerous amount of papers to 'Annals of. Essay example sport law enforcement by.

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Joules law essay
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