Exotic animals as pets essay

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Debate: Should humans own pets

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Exotic Animals

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Boas, Chimps or Tigers: Wild Animals Are Not Pets (Op-Ed)

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Should Wild Animals Be Kept as Pets?

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It is said that in order to protect the wildlife, we need to be educated about the wildlife that inhabits our planet. As humans, and the superior species on Earth, we put exotic animals, aquatic and terrestrial, in zoos or aquariums where people can go to see them to learn more about them in order to protect them.

Exotic animals as pets essay. November 24, - Comment.

Opposing view: Let people own exotic animals

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Animal Cruelty (Essay Sample) August 31, by admin Essay Samples, In some cases, animal cruelty is also seen in the sale of exotic animals especially in how pet owners domesticate wild animals. This is a prohibited act and there are some laws that are clearly against this. Free essay sample on the given topic "Advantages Of Studying.

Exotic animals, even those bred in captivity, still possess innate social and physical needs, and require mental stimulation that cannot be provided in private homes.

Many animals naturally live in colonies, yet are kept as single pets. Wild nature is home for hundreds of thousands of species, many of which are exotic and/or close to extinction. Throughout recent decades, humanity has made a solid effort in order to prevent the extinction of these animals, protect the habitat of these species, and somehow minimize the negative consequences of the presence of humans.

There is a trend for keeping exotic animals, such as poisonous snakes, spiders, alligators and tigers - there are thought to be 10 big cats kept at homes in Texas alone! None of .

Exotic animals as pets essay
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