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INTRODUCTION Depression is a common disorder characterized by persistent feelings of hopelessness and sadness.

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The Effects of Antidepressant Treatment on Oxidative Stress and Anti-oxidants in Subjects with Depression. INTRODUCTION Depression is a common disorder characterized by persistent feelings of hopelessness and sadness. Essay on Treatments for Depression. Treatments for Depression Clinical depression is a disease that involves feelings of sadness lasting for longer than two weeks and is often accompanied by a loss of interest in life, hopelessness, and decreased energy.

This study found that the typical ideal treatment for a basic case of major depression is a combination of both antidepressant treatment and psychotherapy. Jul 10,  · In an essay in The New York Review of Books, Exploding the Antidepressant Myth,” Dr. Kirsch, a psychologist at the University of Hull in England, analyzed all the data.

He found that while. The s saw the clinical introduction of the first two specifically antidepressant drugs: iproniazid, a monoamine-Oxidize inhibitor that had been used in the treatment of tuberculosis, and imipramine, the first drug in the tricyclic Antidepressant family.

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