American flag and what it symbolizes

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Flag of the United States

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55 Heroic American Flag Tattoos

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History and Symbolism of the American Flag

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School District: Betsy Ross Flag Symbolizes 'Hate'

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Inthe American colonies were flying the British Flag called "The Union Jack" and decided that they needed to fly their own flag. A house on Schoolhouse Road displays the same flag.

A young person in a local parade sports one on his shirt. Belt buckles that say “% Rebel” with stars and bars in the background, sit on. Mar 26,  · The American Flag has been around for about years and has been used to show victory and pride. On the flag there are 50 stars to represent all the states in the United States and there are 13 red and white stripes which represent the original 13 colonies.

The red symbolizes. Official Flag of the United States The U.S. flag is a strong symbol of American identity and national pride. Also called Old Glory, The Star Spangled Banner, or simply The Stars and Stripes, the U.S.

flag has a colorful history and has undergone many changes since the first official flag of The History of the American Flag.

On June 14,the Continental Congress passed an act establishing an official flag for the new nation. The resolution stated: “Resolved, that the flag of. The five Principles are: Keep It Simple. The flag should be so simple that a child can draw it from memory.

Use Meaningful Symbolism. The flag’s images, colors, or patterns should relate to what it symbolizes. Use 2 or 3 Basic Colors.

American flag and what it symbolizes
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